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On this page I will be putting images and some short info on our Kayaking trips. We are new to the sport, but are really enjoying it very much. So far our outings have taken us to Morro Bay, Lopez Lake, and Lower Castaic Lake.

Launch ramp at the Baywood Cafe


Heading out to Shark Inlet 


 On a recent trip to Lake Lopez I found that a Kayak cart would come in handy due to the distance from the parking lot to the beach launch. We had to get two Kayaks down there. Thats when I decided to look for a cart. The next trip was to Pismo Beach and we stopped at a Kayak shop in Shell Beach called "Central Coast Kayaks". Found a nice cart there and after bringing it home I realized that I could make the same thing, only cheaper.

The one on the left I bought. Click on picture.